while a lot you are trying to be “the man” or “the woman” in the game, i am just trying to be accepted, or better yet connected…they call me STREETANONYMOUS because i usually go under the radar and the street is my home… a proud Dominican that loves merengue, bachata, perico ripiao, salsa, cumbia, ballenato, i also love to eat arroz, habichuelas y carne better known as “la bandera nacional” by Dominicans, but i also like tacos, pasta, hamburger, matzo balls soup…but dont get me wrong, STREETANONYMOUS is also hip hop, pop, rock N roll…have a very impressive tennis shoes collection, yes i do, classic in the original boxes…Palo is the love of my life, the most beautiful four-legged creature in this earth…Salvador Dali rules, but love my cousin Jennifer Baez’s art…she’s silent genius that will soon not be silence…moms is my heroine, whos life i try to imitate 24/7 but always fall short…love any N everything that looks good, Andy Warhol taught me that…i live for creativity, intelligence N beauty…Fassbinder’s movies changed my mind and my thinking for ever, changed my life… anything that moves me and connects us or not…I AM…

coffee is my religion, if you wanna win my heart have a cup of coffee with me…you’ll have me for ever. 😉

thats for you!


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